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The world lives in fear of two super powers on the brink of Mutually Assured Destruction. In the back alleys of The Divided City, the East and West fight a covert information war in pursuit of two things: Control and Survival.

An uneasy detente has cast an eery pall for months since the last flare in hostiles, but now both side's spies have uncovered that the biggest threat may no longer be one another.

Deep below The Divided City, in a laboratory overseen by a shady Bloc scientist known only as Professor M (whose expertise is in humano-animatronics), work continues on their latest dastardly endeavours: Combining elements of the recently deceased with advanced-technology mechanics.

As The Professor’s fiendish creations begin to stir, what consequences it could have for the superpowers is as yet unknown: but when the world is on a knife-edge, the smallest things could change us all, and none may get out alive.


ZEDTOWN is a 4-hour event where Colour Run meets Call of Duty.

In this immersive game of Survivors vs Zombies hundreds of players, armed with only their Nerf-blasters, battle to make it to the final stand in a post-apocalypse-themed adventure.

Everyone starts as a Survivor: unique characters give you quests as the app tracks your achievements.
 Each player works with their squad to make it to the final stand.
When you're tagged by a Zombie, you become one, too, and there's only one thing you want: Hunt the most braaaaains.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Due to our insurance requirements, you must be over 18 to play Zedtown. You'll also need to sign a waiver at the venue to play. 

Where can I find the full rules to play Zedtown?
Our rules change a little game to game. The latest rules can be found on our rules page.

What do I need to bring?
Along with your ticket, all you need to bring is a dart blaster, foam dart ammunition (NERF Blasters and darts will be available for sale at the venue) or some balled-up socks. We provide everything else you need including dog tags, access to zombie make-up for when you turn and a dedicated smartphone app.

If you want to put your best foot forward in the zombie apocalypse there are all kinds of things you can bring as well. Good running shoes, extra ammo, snacks, walkie talkies, battery extenders for your phone and even a costume to play in all add to the experience – though they are far from required.

What should I wear, and can I modify my blaster?
What ever you feel comfortable in! Some of our players dress up which we love and there will be prizes for best costumes. 

As we share our space with lots of bystanders please don’t dress in a way that would intimidate passersby (no full tactical outfits, no paintball masks, no full-camo or all-in-black outfits) and please don’t modify your blaster internally or in a way that makes it look realistic or effects or improves its performance– non-mechanical cosmetic mods and brightly-coloured paint jobs are fine!

Is my ticket transferrable?
Yes, your ticket is transferrable – when you purchase your ticket you will be able to update the ticket holder’s details in a link emailed with your receipt of purchase. Please make sure you transfer your ticket you supply an accurate full name and working email address for each ticket-holder or we cannot confirm they will have access to the game.

Is my ticket refundable?
We will only offer a refund if an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated, or to the extent otherwise required by law. You must apply for a refund within a reasonable time and provide proof of purchase. We do not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in your personal circumstances. You can read our full refund policy here.

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The University of Adelaide

261 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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