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6pm - 9pm Thursday 16 October 2014 x 5 weeks

The course spans 5 weeks and is focused on students learning a hands on skill set on how to use simple interfaces with the Arduino processor. Over 30 devices are covered in the course developed for novices. The course is not intended to be “How towrite C programs” but how home experimenters can use modules, to cut and pastesnippets of code together to make a working proof of concept microcontroller.The majority of the course will be hands on in a LAB environment activelylearning skills in a step by step manner.


o   Install the development software at home

o   Select a sample program and load it into the work space

o   Wire up a LED on aproto-board and program it

o   Use the output and delay instructions in a program to blink a LED

o   Breakdown large problems, write an application to send initials in morse code to a  LED

o   Increment and decrement variables

o   Send characters using the serial port to display  “Hello World”

o   Wire up and use switches and buttons

o   Wire up shields that use switch technology

o   Use the Touch switch Shield, Vibration switch, Hit sensor, Key switch module,Tilt switch, Mercury open optical,  Mini magnetic reed,  Hall magnetic sensor, Metal touch sensor

o   Wire up a DC motor and turn it on and off

o   Wire up a servo motor and make it move

o   Interface Buzzers,relay’s, solenoid’s,  Solid state relays,Opto Isolators

o   Interface to digital input sensors and use software to read them

o  Use the Hit sensor,Vibration switch, Key switch, Tilt switch,Mini magnetic reed modules, Hall magnetic sensor module, Class Bihor magnetic sensor, Rotary encoder, Optical interrupter, Reed module, Laser sensor,Metal touch sensor

Pre Requisites:
1- To complete projects at home participants will require an Arduino processing board and USB cable - available for purchase during the course at 50% discount.
2 - Laptops are encourages, but not essential. Computer facilities will be provided. If you do not bring your laptop you are advised to bring a USB storage device to save your projects to continue at home.

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Adelaide College of the Arts

39 Light Square, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Graham Dicker