About Us
SCG Experience

The SCG Experience incorporates the SCG Museum and the SCG Experience Tour. 

Our tours are dynamic, behind-the-scenes tours through the historic Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium and SCG Museum.

·        Take photos of the SCG and Allianz Stadium fields of play

·        Stroll down the Walk of Honour to the SCG Museum

·        Journey through the heritage-listed Members Pavilion

·        Discover the champions immortalised in bronze

·        Sit in the dressing rooms where legends have prepared for their finest moments

·        Run down the Allianz Stadium players’ tunnel

The SCG and Allianz Stadium are two of the world’s leading sports venues, steeped in history. The SCG Experience is unforgettable for locals, international visitors and sports fans alike.

During the holidays the SCG and Allianz stadium are abuzz with SCG Experience Children’s Holiday Tours, designed for holiday care groups these thematic tours entertain children with ball games, interactive experiences and stories inspired by Australia's greatest sports people.

The SCG Museum is dedicated to the diverse social and sport history of the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney Sports Ground and Allianz Stadium. The museum’s activities include:

·        Exhibitions - on the history of our grounds and the sports that support

·        Lectures – the annual Jack Marsh History Lecture to encourage curiosity about our history

·        Collecting - archives and memorabilia from our history

·        Preserving - sport heritage through conservation projects.